The 75th IIW Annual Assembly and International Conference, 17-22 July 2022 | Tokyo,Japan

IIW 2022 International Conference on
Welding and Joining

Innovative Welding and Joining Technologies to achieve Carbon Neutrality
and promote Sustainable Development

Keynote Speech

Sunday, 17th July, 2022

Plenary Session 1

“Green Growth Strategy Through Achieving Carbon Neutrality” (TBD)
Japanese Government, Japan
Hydrogen Energy and Hydrogen gas turbine power generation (TBD)
Eisaku Ito, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan
Production Revolution by Additive Manufacturing (TBD)
Josh Mook, GE Additive, USA
The leading edge of the motor vehicle’s weight reduction (TBD)
Brian Krinock, Toyota Motor North America, USA

Monday, 18th July, 2022

Plenary Session 2

Renewable energy revolution with floating offshore wind turbines (TBD)
Hideyuki Suzuki, University of Tokyo, Japan
Zero Emission Ships (TBD)
Hiroaki Sakashita, ClassNK, Japan
Aeroplanes in the Carbon Neutral Era (TBD)
Noriko Morioka, IHI, Japan
The Future of Steel structure building by Digital Transformation (TBD)
Masahiro Indo, Shimizu Corporation, Japan