The special “Collaborative Expo Corner” in the Japan International Welding Show

The special exhibition will be set up within the Japan International Welding Show.

Collaborative Expo Corner

The collaboration between the International Conference and the “Collaborative Expo Corner” in Japan International Welding Show

What are the goals which each industry aims to realize carbon neutrality?
To exhibit and grasp the future of industry at the “Collaborative Expo Corner”
What innovation would be required in welding and joining technologies to achieve goals?
To understand the presentation at the International Conference

The Common Theme for both International Conference on Welding and Joining and
the“Collaborative Expo Corner” in Japan International Welding Show

Innovative Welding and Joining Technologies to achieve Carbon Neutrality and
promote Sustainable Development

Topics of IIW2022 International Conference on Welding and Joining

The following topics will be covered in the International Conference on Welding and Joining.

Welding and joining technology to achieve hydrogen society
Hydrogen supply chain: Hydrogen fuel stations, Hydrogen carriers, Plants, etc.
Utilization of hydrogen: Hydrogen vehicles, Hydrogen turbine
Welding and joining technology for the use of fusion energy
ITER (Nuclear fusion and Future reactor, etc)
Welding and joining technology for the use of natural energy
Offshore wind power generation
Engineering revolution with 3D Additive Manufacturing (AM) technology
Innovative new materials and their welding and joining technologies
  • - Weight reduction of automobiles by new materials and their weld joining technology (e.g., ultrahigh- strength steel, etc.)
Automation of production by Digital transformation (DX) (building, shipbuilding)
  • - Factory robot welding and on-site robot welding in steel structure construction
  • - IoT in shipbuilding (in-line inspection of welding, etc.)
  • - Smart factory in welding shop

2022 Japan International Welding Show

13-16 July 2022
Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
The Japan Welding Engineering Society
Sanpo Publications Incorporated

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